Initiation au bricolage par Serge-Henri
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compteur météo

  • To pick up a load, have a proper position.
  • This example is worthwhile in everyday life.
  • I let you try with a package containing 6 bottles of water. (6 x 1,5 liters = 9 kilo)


    Instruction for handling, you must :
  • have your FEET on each opposite side of the charge.
  • have your CENTRE OF GRAVITY superposed with the one of the load.
  • have your BACKBONE properly fixed = flat back.
  • workout your FIGH muscles.
  • neither flex, not pull on your ARMS.
  • BREATHE in before each effort.

    SLINGING : choice of the kind of sling

  • To choose the appropriate kind of sling to the manoeuvre to do, you must know the weight of the load.
  • Sling are in various shapes and out of different materials, we can find sling out of vegetable or synthetic fibres, steel wires, chains, bands which are weaved in synthetic fibres,...


  • When we use several sling, you have to remember that the bigger the angle formed by the 2 cables is, the weaker the resistance of the sling becomes.
  • You should try to limit the angle to 90º and on no account go over 120º.
  • Slinging with 2 sling : choose longer sling to reduse the angle between the 2 cables.


  • Slinging with 4 sling : only 2 cables out of 4 are carrying.


  • Besides, a good slinging is composed of accessories such as compensators, shackles, hook for lifting and couples.

    Setting up and protection :
  • Do never cross 2 sling on a hook for lifting.
  • Do never hang a link of chain on the end of the hook.
  • Use hook with closing of security.
  • Do never do knots with cables or chains.
  • Do never use wet rope.
  • Always use gloves to handle steel cable.
  • Protect sling from sharp angles and crushing.
  • Overestimate the weight of the load to be handled.
  • Always well balance the load.

    Making of sling outof steel cable :


  • Always strangle the dead part.
  • And don't forget : carrying well is being well !