Initiation au bricolage par Serge-Henri
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compteur météo
A lit spoon for fish


Material :
  • 1 battery : 1,5 v. (LR06)
  • 1 battery : 1,5 v. (LR03)
  • 70 mm plastic tube. (IRO reference 11)
  • 63 mm plastic tube. (IRO reference 9)
  • 2 bulbs AAA for small Maglite.
  • 1 lighter spring.
  • 2 discs of printed circuit.
  • fish-hooks.
  • piano wire.
  • nylon round : 20 mm.(diameter)
  • phone wire.
  • silicone.
  • red nail varnish.

    Some advice :
  • The first version (42 gr) has been realised with electrical white plastic tube (IRO reference 11) : outside 18,5 mm and inside 15,8 mm (see drawing). It is appropriate perfectly for the battery. (LR06 : 14 x 50 mm)
  • The second version (25 gr) has been realised with tube IRO reference 9 : outside 15 and inside 12,8 mm, and the battery LR03 measure 10 x 43 mm.
  • The small maglite uses this battery and bulbs AAA.
  • Silicone is used to make waterproof of the bulb before its insertion.
  • The piano wire is used to surround the tube and to hold the steel pendeloque with its three-pronged fork.
  • Considering the difficulty of this assembly, this project failed only because a lathe operator is needed to work the various elements of this spoon.

    Some reflexions :
  • Nevertheless, and for all those who would like to continue, I quote the problems I met during the tests and remained unsolved :
  •  - in water the spoon turnes over, and it is necessary to modify the anchorage points of the swivel and the three-pronged fork.
  •  - the 42 gr version is too heavy, except if it's deep enough.
  •  - water manages to go in the tube, which tends to prove that the stoppers are not waterproof.
  •  - the connection that consists in twisting the phone wire around the spring is not obligatory.
  •  - more over to disconnect, to take it apart, you need 1 adjustable pliers, even 2, because the three-pronged fork and the bindings threaten your hand.
  •  - and to finish, I heard that there is already this invention on trade and it's for less than 15€. But who is the inventor ? and in which shop is it sold ?