Initiation au bricolage par Serge-Henri
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A tidy up stool


Material :
  • one 30 liters (480 x 276 mm) iron barrel, with handles. (if possible)
  • one 265 x 10 mm disc made of pressed wood chips.
  • one 280 x 10 mm disc made of pressed wood chips.
  • one 6 x 40 mm milled head screw.
  • one 6 mm nut and one 6 mm washer.
  • one 280 x 40 mm foam disc.
  • 1 cotton cover.
  • 52 gilded nails with convex heads.
  • 1 stapler.
  • paint sprays.

    Advice :
  • Cut out the disc made of pressed wood chips with a jigsaw machine, following the circles you will have drawn.
  • Finish it properly with the rasp. (for wood)
  • Drill the 6 mm hole and countersink up to 12 mm to embed the head.
  • Set your discs on the barrel to see if they perfectly fit together.
  • The foam disc is cut out with a band saw or a heating wire.
  • The cotton cover can be cut out in overalls.
  • Force the 6 mm screw in the 280 mm wooden disc.
  • Put on the top of this the foam disc and the cotton cover.
  • Wrap the whole thing doing about 13 folds towards the center : you will staple all these folds.
  • To hide all that, thread the second wooden disc, the washer and the nut.
  • Maintain the screw with a multi-grip while tightening the nut with a 10 mm spanner and cut the surplus off with a hacksaw.
  • Arrange all the gilted nails around. (leave a one-head space between 2 nails)
  • Achieve the decoration with a few paint sprays (white, blue, green, yellow, day-glo red...) and stickers.
  • Paint the inside with white.
  • Be careful, to paint the outside, the barrel needs to be laid and only the edges will touch the ground. (use wooden wedges)
  • Paint in stages letting dry the paint after each spraying, before turning the barrel, if not there will be ungainly trickles of paint !

    Option :
  • Small paint sprays can be found in the stores of modelmakers.
  • The barrel can be found in the supermarkets during the beginning of the school year.
  • But, this is another story !