Initiation au bricolage par Serge-Henri
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Video tapes and CD rack


Material :
  • 3 silver plated aluminium rounds : 10 x 500 mm.
  • 2 plexiglass plates : 155 x 145 x 5 mm.
  • 6 countersink or convex heads screws : 5 x 20 mm.

    Some advice :
  • According to the place you've got, you can make a rack of 400 or 500 mm length.
  • You can get the aluminium round in 1 m length which you will cut in half.
  • To cut the 2 pieces of plexiglass, you will need a cutter, because it breaks like glass.
  • Locate the width and the length using small V mark. (no need to draw lines)
  • Using a rule that you hold firmly, stripe the plexiglass 4 to 5 times with a cutter. (be careful, always go in the same furrow)
  • Then, always with your cutter, just start sawing the beginning and the end of the furrow.
  • To break the plexiglass, use a vice, the corner of the door or simply of a table and a rule : one of the 2 parts has to be firmly maintained.
  • The furrow being on and at the limit of the edge of the table, push firmly and in one go : the plexiglass will break in a deafening noise.
  • For the beginners, provide you with a pair of gloves because, if the furrow is badly traced, the plexiglass can cut like glass during this operation.
  • Do not forget to cut netly the plexiglass by using your cutter as if a potatoes peeler, or better by using a small gas soldering iron.
  • Quickly pass flame in skew on the cut of the plexiglass without burning it and it will become round and smooth.
  • Drilling in low speed will be done in 3 times : 1,5 mm drill, 3 mm drill then 5 mm drill.
  • For the first drilling (see diagram), the plates will be maintained the one on the others for a perfect symmetry.
  • For the drilling of the aluminium rounds in low speed, use a punch to center the 3 mm drill then drill up to 4,5 mm not to break the tap.
  • The ruler being : diameter of screw X 0,8 = drilling diameter, but in this case we will not take account of this rule because, we can do very well without using taps but Parker screws or even agglo provided that there is enough material to retain the screw.
  • If you're not confidend, do tests on aluminium or plexiglass offcuts.
  • It's better to use convex heads screws because to countersink plexiglass is not easy thing and splits come easily.
  • The best to drill in the center of the aluminium rounds is to have a hand drill.
  • What ever method, always protect your rounds with aluminium protection out of brass, copper or simply plywood pieces.
  • That's it, the advice were a little long but nevertheless necessary to make you want to build this rack in one go, and then what a satisfaction to see your work in evidence under the TV set and your friends telling you : Wouah ! What a cool rack ! Where have you bought it ?