Initiation au bricolage par Serge-Henri
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The handyman toolkit


Material :
  • 1 travelling case.
  • 1 aluminium bag with flexible separations.
  • 1 large out-of-date calendar or rigid cardboard.
  • 1 guide of pallet or 1 bottom of cupboard.
  • 5 m of round elastic band from 2,5 to 3 mm approximately.
  • 5 m of flat elastic band. (width 4,5 mm)
  • adhesive baize. (the color you want !)

    Advice :
  • If your friends or parents call you to come and fix something, you don't need to always take your big metallic case, a small case can be enough.
  • I used a toilet bag which doesn't travel a lot !
  • Using a pencil case with a wallet shape and lateral zips is the best.
  • You'll find all your elastic bands in a haberdashety. (the saleswoman will be surprised !)
  • Make a gauge with a white sheet of paper that you'll have cut with the inner measures of your case.
  • Think of the stools you're going to take, put them on the sheet and draw their outlines.
  • Locate where you want elastic bands bands : in general, 4 bands for a screwdriver and a spanner. (see the picture)
  • Put the gauge on the rigid cardboard, draw the outline and cut it out with a shear.
  • Do the same to cut out adhesive baize, be careful : do it large enough to be able to recover some of the back face. (of the cardboard)
  • Always with your gauge, locate all your holes you'll make with a nail or a drill. (2 mm)
  • All the fasteners will be stopped with knots : the half-loops must be slack enough to slide screwdrivers handles or the spanners without drawing too much on them.
  • Here is your stoolkit ready ! But if, like me, people tell you in an ironic way : Eh ! You've brought your toothbrush ? Then hide it in the glove box or your breakdown service bag.....

    A breakdownservice bag


  • In the same spirit that the handyman toolkit, arrange your aluminium bag according to your tastes, your favorite colors and your tools : only the support is different.
  • The surface is larger so it's better to get this kind of divider between the water bottles piled up on pallet, or simply, the bottom of an old cupboard : that pressed carboard's got the rigidity of the wood, and this time you'll need to drill all your holes.
  • The convenience of the bag (if your tools are well arranged), is that you will only need 2 knots for a line of tools : 1 at the beginning and 1 at the end, by going with the band in the following hole each time. But also you'll be able to add 2 lines of them.
  • The only disadvandage is you sometimes need two of each tool.